Thomas Ulysses Cross

Thomas Ulysess Cross

Thomas Ulysses Cross

John and Mary Cross

Thomas Ulysses & Mary (Myers) Cross 


Thomas Ulysses Cross is the sixth child of Thomas and Catherine Harper-Cross. January 16, 1864, in Hocking County, Ohio.  He married Mary Catherine Myers. They are holding their son David. Mary was the daughter of John and Catherine (Marsh) Myers.  Mary was born in Parkersburg, West Virginia.  Their children were:  David, Ruth, Minnie, Alma, Barlett, Joseph, Ollie, John, Virgia, Naomi, and one other child who was stillborn. 


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2021 Old Settlers Reunion

87th Reunion (86th Did Not Happen)

(Agusut 21, 2021) 

 Old Settler Family & Friends

Kelar Newsome-Shelby, Carol Norman, Diana Green, Marsha Sanders

Robert Shelby - Master of Ceremonies (Detroit Group)

Gary Green - Minister of Wheatland Church of Christ Presents Memorial for Old Settlers who passed away over the 2-year period .

Toddy Murphy, Mike Burns, Jeff Burns

Phillip Sherrill Family & Friends

Dr. Pam (Berry) Williams, Rene Read, Dr. Ashley Berry, Teresa Branson,

Damion Payne

 Hanker Todd, Connie Cole-Todd-Tyon, TJ Todd

 Old Settler Family and Friends

 Old Settler Family & Friends

 J. Andrew & Dayna Smedley - Thomas Family

 Old Settler Family & Friends

Reverend Charles Mortimer


Reverand Charles Mortimer

(Picture:  Courtesy of Marguerite Berry-Jackson)


Charles Mortimer—(1832-1898) was born in Chatham, (Ontario) Canada, and emigrated to Pontiac, MI where he married Rachael Tennant in 1870. He was a Corporal in Co. H 114th (USCT), Michigan Infantry Independent Private Light Artillery. He was the minister for the AME Zion Church in Mecosta, MI. He passed away in Morton Township, Mecosta, MI. Mortimer is buried in Morgan West Wheatland Cemetery, Mecosta, MI. His wife was a cook at Kirvan's Hotel and Restaurant. Stella Lett Chandler Duxbury said that everybody looked forward to the "leftovers" from the kitchen at the hotel.

Rev. Mortimer was the minister who preached at the AME Zion Church built by Old Settlers that was located in Mecosta, Michigan. Aaron Morgan was an Elder and Contributor at the church.  A Mecosta family bought the church property and tore down the church. Colored people in Mecosta complained, and Eva Lett spoke out about the situation, but it was to no avail. 


AME Church Mecosta 2

 AME Church Mecosta, Michigan (Minister: Reverand Charles Mortimer)

The picture shows the AME Church Basement Stella Washington is standing left of the post wearing white lace on her head. Stella was the daughter of Mozura Washington and cousin of Emmett Porter. Their mothers were sisters.






OSRW - 501(c)(3) Non Profit Organization