One Room Schoolhouses

In 1881, the first log cabin schoolhouse was built in the Village of Mecosta. The same year, however, a frame school building was built. In the 1930's the present school building in Mecosta was built. Even though there has been a section added, the structure is basically the same. At the time the school first opened, there were four rooms--two upstairs and two downstairs. Statistics for the Mecosta School District n 1883 were:

  • Number of children between five and 20 years of age - 172
  • Estimated value of school property - $2,100
  • Amount paid for superintendent and instruction. $356.50
  • Average monthly wages for male teachers - $49.06.
  • Average monthly wages for female teachers - $35.75
  • Expenditures - $1,285.59

Cross School - School Year 1906-1907 School Souvenir Lists the following children:

  • Grade 1: Roy & Guy Edward Thomas
  • Grade 3: Lizzie Yost & Howard Myers
  • Grade 4: Lena Myers, Gladys Sleet, Nettie Sleet, Flossie Sleet
  • Grade 5: Arthur Cross, Unknown
  • Grade 6: Homer Cross, M. Yost, Laurence Yost, Gneray Sleet
  • Grade 8: Willie Stump


School days didn't start until after harvest season and ended at the first severe cold snap.  Spring brought another few days of schooling until planting time when the students returned to the fields. Isabella County District I, Rolland Township recorded three women teachers listed a total of nine months teaching in the year 1902 for $232.  Sixty-four children in the district were eligible to attend the school; however, only 39 of those children attended.



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