Norman/Cummings Cemetery

Newly Restored

Pictures Courtesy of:  Carol Norman & Diana Green

Section 35 - 6 Mile Rd., Wheatland Township - Remus, MI

Norman and Cummings Cemetery is being kept up by Mr. & Mrs. Wayne Storey. Their home sits below the hill where they can see the cemetery. Mr. Storey made the cross that is carved in the stump inside the fence. At one time it was a beautiful tree. Mrs. Storey keeps the grass mowed inside and around the fence. We (the Old Settlers) would like to thank Bob Garner for the work he has done at the Norman and Wheatland Cemetery. Also thanks to the Storey family for caring for the Norman Cemetery. The new memorial plaque was installed May 16, 2014, and made possible by the Friends of Wheatland/Morgan and Norman Cummings Cemeteries. This Memorial Plaque was "Jay Allen Cook's Vision and Dorothy Harris-Allen's Mission" to make sure the "forgotten burial grounds" were recognized.












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