Pictures: Courtesy of Diana (Todd) Green, Hugh Dye, and Teresa O'Riley-McCrosky

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Mt. Hope Cemetery - Section 2 - West Main St., Morton Township,

Mecosta, MI


Norman-Cummings Cemetery - Section 35 - 6 Mile Rd., Wheatland Township Remus, MI


 Dye Cemetery
February 23, 1877 - Deed Recorded - October 3, 1877
Section 30 - Arthur Rd., Sheridan Township Mecosta, MI


 Morton Cemetery
Section 25 - 70th Ave., Morton Township - Mecosta, MI


10th Avenue, Blanchard, Michigan. This cemetery is in Millbrook Township, Section 12, Mecosta County, MI


 Wamboldt Cemetery
Section 28 - Wheatland Township - M66 - Remus, MI

Lett 122002

Lett 122005

 Lett Cemetery
Lett Rd, W. Side - 12 miles S of Pipestone Rd, Berrien County - Sodus, MI

Lett Cemetery is located between Sodus and Eau Claire on Lett Road. Following Pipestone Rd. east from Sodus, turn right on Lett Road, the cemetery is abt 7/10ths of a mile on the west side of the road. It is maintained by Sodus Twp. 12 markers are unreadable. Many graves are unmarked. This compilation of data and pictures date August 2003, by Brenda Sears, starting with a list of names only; additional information was extracted from vital records, obits & headstones. Most persons buried in this cemetery are of African American descent. The term Mulatto is used here as it is found in the actual death records.


 Pine River Cemetery - Established 1867(Also known as Rolland Township): Blanchard Rd. between Coldwater and Brinton Rds., Rolland Township - Isabella Co., MI


Federally Recognized:  Listed on Federal Register for Sites 100+ Years Old

Morgan West Wheatland Cemetery -(Warranty Deed November 4, 1896)- Recorded May 28, 1910 - Section 7 - 55th Ave., Wheatland Township - Remus, MI


Morris Dye Family (1870)- Dye Family buried in Dye Cemetery
Cynthia, Morris, Dye Mother and Father
Children: Arthur, Ralph, William, Jacob, Amos, Mary Jane, Anna Lee, Susan, John, Morris & Ray

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