Morgan West Wheatland Cemetery National Register of Historic Places

Morgan/West Wheatland is Federally Recognized and listed on the National Register of Historic Places (More than 100 years old)


New Sign Marker/Memorial Plaques

Installed May 16, 2014 (Federally Recognized 12/16/2014)

Morgan/West Wheatland & Norman/Cummings Cemeteries




Jay Allen Cook and Dorothy Harris-Allen deserve the credit and were instrumental in the production of the

Norman/Cummings Memorial Plaque


flags cemetery 1

New Flag Additions

US Flag, Michigan Flag, POW Flag, U.S. Civil War Flag - U.S. Colored Troops

Book Sales and donations made it possible for

the construction and installation of signs and historical markers.

OSRW was able to secure 10 Civil War Veteran Headstones from the Veterans Administration. The headstones were installed on October 13, 2018, and 2019, at Morgan West Wheatland Cemetery.

Civil War Veteran Headstones

Friends of the Wheatland/West Morgan and Norman/Cummings Cemeteries Dorothy Harris-Allen, Deonna Todd-Green, Diana Todd-Green & Marsha Todd-Sanders


Historical Memorial Plaques for Morgan West Wheatland and Norman/Cummings Cemeteries.

Morgan/West Wheatland is Federally Recognized and is listed in the National Register of Historic Places Site more than 100 years old.

Morgan West Wheatland Cemetery's headstone markers readily display the date at which the cemetery was established in 1864.  Below are pictures of some of the older markers:




A hand pointing downwards can suggest the presence of God, while a hand pointing upwards usually indicates the soul of the deceased person has risen to Heaven. Two hands clasping was both a symbol of farewell on Earth and a reminder that the living and the dead would meet again in Heaven.


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