John Tate

Pictures Courtesy of Marguerite Berry-Jackson, Arlo Guy, Marvin Lett Peggy Sawyer-Williams Deonna Todd-Green, & Fern Johnson-Cross


John & Sara Guy-Tate

In 1867, John and Sarah Tate and their children left Ohio in a covered wagon and came to Rolland Township, MI, Section 9. John Tate was born in Pennsylvania. He was married to Sarah A. Guy, daughter of James A. Guy, Sr., and Deborah Ridgley-Guy. They lived in Hocking County, Ohio, before they immigrated north to the wilderness of Central Michigan. The Tates along with several other Black families came to this area in covered wagons. John built the first hewed log house in Rolland Township of Isabella County. He owned 80 acres and farmed the land located northeast of Blanchard which is now known as Walton Road. John and Sarah had six children: Deborah, Frances, Russell, Charles, Lovejoy, and Rebecca.

Deborah, the first child, married William Scott. (SEE GEORGE SCOTT). Frances, the second child, married John Segee. Children born to Frances were: George, Tate, Etta, Elva, and Leona Segee. (SEE JOHN SEGEE). Elva married Delbert Guy. (SEE THE ISABELLA GUYS). Leona had a son named Chester Segee. There is no information for George and Etta. Russell, the oldest son of John and Sarah Guy-Tate, married Emma Pointer. They lived on 80 acres northeast of Blanchard in Rolland Township.






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