William Ricks, Sr.

Pictures Courtesy of Dorothy (Ricks-Lett) Todd & Judith deJohnette-Franks - History: Deonna Todd-Green


William Ricks, Sr.

According to 1870 census records of Marshall Township, Calhoun County, Michigan, William Ricks, Sr. is listed: age 28, male, race black, occupation works on farm. He is listed in the household of a farmer named Freeman Hatelkoss. William Ricks is also listed in the 1894 Veterans' Census, in Fairplains Township, Montcalm County, Michigan as William Ricks, male, race Black, born in North Carolina.

William Ricks, Jr. married Martha Jane Calwell. Martha had three children before she and William were married. Their names were Christina Rebecca Ann (Feb. 18, 1868), Mary Elizabeth (Nov. 21, 1869), and Angeline Rodellar (Oct. 4, 1871). Together William and Martha had three children. Their names were John, Vonnie, and Alonzo. Dorothy's father Bert (shown above) worked in a lumber camp across the Straights and then worked in Flint after he moved to Sheridan, MI to take care of his parents.





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