James Powell

Pictures Courtesy of Lillian Mumford and Terri Lynn Cassidy


James Powell


Louisa Powell (Andrew Flower's Mother)


Andrew Flowers

John and Nellie Powell

John Sherman & Nellie Powell

The James Powell Family came from the Fenwick area. It is recorded in the Montcalm County Records of 1880 that James Powell married Miranda. The known children of this family are: Pharaoh, Alfred, Grant, Sarah, Sherman, Mary, Adam, Louisa, Rosetta--(nicknamed Lade married a Van Camp), Lottie, Bub, and Jack.

Louisa married Andrew T. Flowers II. (SEE FLOWERS). Lade married Jerry Van Camp. They lived in Boyne City. Their children were: Jay, Frank, Monroe, Toots, Sylvia, Emma and Clara. Tuberculosis took several in this family. Andrew and Louisa's first home was about 3.5 miles south of Remus, and 1/4 mile east. Later moved about 3.5 miles north of Remus. (This property was later owned by their grandson, Andrew Forest.) They had 12 children.

There is no known information available for Lottie, Bub, and Jack.





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