James Mason

Pictures Courtesy of Robert Williams & Teresa O'Riley-McCrosky



Marinda Lett, daughter of Oathias B. Lett & Sophia (Stevens) Lett, married James Mason, son of Jonathan Mason. Marinda Lett & James Mason were the parents of Frank, Emmet, & DeMont "Mont" Mason. Marinda was a sister to Esther M. (Lett) Cummins, who married Joseph Cummins. Mont Mason married more than once. Alfa (shown above) was his first wife. In the photograph posted above of siblings Sewell & Marcella Mason, were from Mont's second wife. They had three children--Sewell, Marcella, and Betty.

Lola Mason-Simcox died in January 1931 from TB. Lola and Lloyd Simcox had two other children, Darlene and Warren. Both died of TB. Lola had a brother named Eugene. They were both children of Claude Mason and Mabel (Myers) Claude's parents were Jonathan Mason and Russell (Newman). Jonathan's brother was James Mason who married Marinda. Jonathan and James' father was John Mason.




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