William Hill

Pictures Courtesy of Robert (Hill) Williams


William & Marinda Hill & Family - Seated: William Josiah, Family Pet, Marinda Ann Cummins Standing: Maude Ethel & Emery Milton

Mary Elidia, the oldest child of Joseph and Ester Lett-Cummings, was born in Ohio, 1863.  She married William A. Weaver.  Their children were:  Mae, Minnie, and William, Jr. (SEE WEAVER)  Marinda Ann married William Josiah Hill, son of William John and Laura Fifield Hill.  To this union, three children were born:  Emery Milton, Maude Ethel, and Mildred Doris.

Emery, the first child of William and Marinda Hill was born June 30, 1891, in Remus, married Edna May Mitchell and had five children.  Maude Ethel, the second child of Wiliam and Marinda Hill was born August 18, 1893, in Remus, married Andrew J. Williams.  They had two children.  Mildred Doris, the third child of William and Marinda Hill was born October 19, 1902, in Remus and married Emmett Bolden. Mildred Doris married Wendall Watts. They had three children.




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