Sabroth Johnson

Pictures Courtesy of Deonna (Todd) Green & Helen (Johnson-Guy) Morgan

Sabroth Johnson, a slave, was born in 1799. Her husband and several of their children were sold to other plantation owners. She also had a daughter, Julia Anna Johnson, who later married. Her husband is also unknown. Julia Anna Johnson had two children by the slaveholder. He was a general in the army. The two children were Friley, born in 1847 in Mississippi, and Mary Elizabeth Johnson Gomer. They were all freed in 1851. Julia Anna, her mother, Sabroth, Friley, and Mary Elizabeth were given gold at the time they were freed. They came to Megs County, Langsville, Ohio, and purchased a homestead.

Friley Johnson, son of Julia Anna Johnson, married Minerva Norman, daughter of David and Elizabeth Stevens-Norman in 1868 in the state of Ohio. They had 11 children. Three of the 11 children came to Michigan. Alonzo, Sarah, and Elmer lived in Boyne City. The rest of the children stayed in Ohio. Friley died on August 15, 1920. Sarah, daughter of Friley and Minerva, married William Harris. Alonzo Johnson was born on December 7, 1884. He married Martha Harris, daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth Harper Harris, Jr. on April 10, 1911.





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