Absalom Johnson

Pictures Courtesy of Judy Caldwell Daughter of Marguerite Berry-Jackson & Fern Johnson-Cross


Absalom Johnson of Virginia married Cynthia Wilson of North Carolina. They entered East Windsor in Essex County, Ontario, Canada. All of their children were born in Canada except the youngest daughter who was born in Michigan. They came to Morton Township (Little River Area) in August of 1877 and homesteaded 80 acres of land. They farmed, cleared land, and raised their family on this homestead. The following is a list of their children: Hattie Jane, Thomas H., James Edward, George Andrew, John Absalom, Mary Lucinda, Annie Frances, and Ida Belle. Absalom and Cynthia are buried in West Wheatland Cemetery.

Hattie Jane married Arthur Archie. Thomas Henry Johnson married Bertha Gladys (Feb. 9, 1879 - Oct. 22, 1964) of Illinois. To this union four children were born: Cynthia and Fern, twin daughters, Lela Marie and Thomas Henry, Jr. Thomas Henry, Jr. died shortly after birth.





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