John Harper

Photographs Courtesy of Ken Todd, Robert Williams, Marguerite Berry-Jackson, Penny (Harper) Sheppherd, Charlene Belcher-Sleet & Helen Ransom

John Harper is the son of William D. and Jane Harper of Belmont, Ohio. He had three sisters, Francis (Harper) Grey, Elizabeth Harper, and Rebecca (Harper) Betts, and three brothers, William T., Alexander L., and Joseph G., John Harper and Elizabeth McKee were married on December 23, 1830, in Belmont, Ohio. To this union, the following children are known: Catherine B., Alexander, Elizabeth, John G., and Seville--All who came to Michigan.

Catherine B. Harper married Thomas W. Cross on October 11, 1862, in Belmont, Ohio (SEE THOMAS CROSS FAMILY). Alexander Harper was born on February 13, 1835. Alexander Harper married Susan Cummins (SEE JOHN CUMMINS/CUMINGS) on January 6, 1855, in Perry County, Ohio. According to Mormon records, but the family bible has January 11, 1855. She was the daughter of John (Joe) Cummins and Susan Lett. According to his Bible, eleven children are listed. Eight children were born in Ohio and the last three in Michigan. Ely Elzy B., (July 1854); Mary Jane (Mar 13, 1856); Mandy Lane (Nov 20, 1856); Susan E. (Jun 15, 1860); Almetia Alice (Nov 26, 1861); John William (Feb 1864); Alexander, Jr. (Sep 2, 1867); and Florence Adel (Aug 6, 1871).

Alexander, Sr. came to Michigan in the mid-1860s. He along with John Lett are witnesses on a land deed between Marquis D., and Joanna Norman of Wheatland Township, Mecosta County, and William Cummins of Eurchain Township, Montcalm County. Forty acres were brought for $145.

Alexander was instrumental in the building of the Wheatland Church of Christ. He was ordained as the first deacon. He was also the first of the Harper children to arrive in Michigan. Alexander owned the southeast corner of M-20/M-66 in Remus consisting of 160 acres. He later sold the west 80 acres to his brother-in-law Joseph and Esther Cummings. He died at the age of 37. Susan Cummings died on June 24, 1903.

John William married Mary Yeager, daughter of John Yeager of Germany and Becky Sourm of Canada in 1884--pictured above. To this union eight children were born: Those known are Jessie Arnetta (1866); Rosa B. (1892); Howard (1900); Lena (1902); John, Jr., and Josephine.





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