Edward Cross

Pictures Courtesy of Fern Johnson-Cross


Edward Cross


Herschel Cross


Claude Guy & Herschel Cross - World War I

Edward, the seventh child of Catherine and Thomas Cross, was born on March 27, 1866, in Hocking County, OH. He married Myrtle K. Lett on November 24, 1894, in Remus, Michigan. Their children were: Charles (Herschel), Thelma Dale, and Thomas Theo. Edward lived in Portland, Oregon, and was a lumberman. He died in February, 1928 in Portland, Oregon. His son, Herschel, went to Oregon and brought his body back and buried him in the West Wheatland Cemetery, Remus, MI. Herschel was born September 15, 1895, in Blanchard, MI. He married Leona Roberts on March 10, 1920. There were no children born to this union. The marriage ended in divorce. Herschel later married Cynthia Johnson on March 24, 1940. They had no children. Herschel was a veteran of WWI. He served three years in the Navy at Norfolk, VA.





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