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Marvin Lett, Fern Johnson-Cross and Marguerite (Berry) Jackson


History Courtesy of Steven M. Cross

Homer W. Cross, Sr. was born on January 28, 1896, in Remus, Michigan, and was the first child of Amos and Mary (Mumford) Cross. He graduated from Remus High School in 1913. He attended Ferris Institute and graduated from Grand Rapids School of the Bible. After he was ordained in 1947, he spent 15 years as a pastor in Decatur, Michigan.

Reverend Cross was treasurer for 12 years for the Chain Lake District Association, a Baptist Church Organization, and served as state vice president for the Baraca Pilathea Bible Church and was also a teacher of the Philathea's of Messiah Baptist Church in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Reverend Cross spent 30 years in Grand Rapids as a carrier for the U.S. Post Office before he retired in 1963. He was a member of the Retired Mail Carriers Organization. He was a veteran of World War I, a member of Crispus Attacus Post 59, American Legion, NAACP, Grand Rapids Urban League, and was treasurer of the X.Y.Z. Center.

He married Rose (Norman) Cross in 1934 and their children were Homer W Cross, Jr., James W Cross, Eugene M. Cross, Robert M. Cross. Reverend Cross died on June 15, 1976.

Arthur Cross became very prominent in the Remus Community. He was born November 1, 1898, and grew up on the farm. He received his earliest education in the school established by his grandfather known as the Cross School. He obtained his Christian training at the Wheatland Church of Christ. This early training influenced his entire life.

Arthur graduated from Remus High School in 1915 through Grade 10 and completed the final two years at the Big Rapids High School in 1917. He pitched baseball for the Remus Giants and Mecosta Tiger Teams beginning in the early 1920s. One commentator stated that his pitching talents were of major league caliber and that Arthur was 30 years ahead of his time. He also formed the first basketball team in Remus.

Arthur became a rural mail carrier, delivering mail out of Remus from 1918 until his retirement on October 31, 1961. He married Fern Johnson on December 3, 1932, in Mecosta, Michigan. He was ordained June 3, 1939, on a Saturday. The next day he preached two funerals. He preached at the Wheatland Church of Christ for 38 continuous years and by 1973 had baptized 179 people and preached more than 2500 sermons and had performed more than 100 marriages. Arthur passed away on April 27, 1977, at the age of 78.




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