George Tyron Harding


George Tyron Harding (1790 - 1860) - Warren Harding's Grandfather

Warren as a young man

Warren Gamaliel Harding -  (1865 - 1923) - 29th US President

Harding Children

Charity Malvina Harding Remsberg (1867-1951), Warren Gamaliel Harding (1865-1923) Mary Clarissa Harding (1868-1913) 


Joe Doe (1851 - 1930) & Mary (Harding) Norman (1849 - 1931) - Mary (Harding) Norman & Warren Harding's father were first cousins. 

Emma First Cousins

Warren's 3rd Cousins

Front Row:  L-R Minnie Norman, Emma Norman, Addie Ceaser & Lucinda Norman Back Row: William Henderson & John Norman


Ada Mae Harding-Nelson - (1898) - Ada was Mary Harding's Sister.

JohnnelsonFamily 2

Grandmother Ada Jane Harding Nelson held Pearl Nelson and Grandfather James Nelson held Harriet Nelson. Center: John Nelson alias Alexander Carter at age 76--bearded in the center of the picture. Front: Ada John Sadie, Bernice, Ada, Milo Back: James, John, Pearl, Raymond, Hattie, Hank, Claude

John Nelson Family

Another Angle Nelson Family:  Front:  Ada Harding-Nelson, John Harding, Hattie, Bernice, Ada, Milo & Back:  James, Pearl, Raymond, Hazel, Claude


Virginia (Harding) Wilson - Mother of Eva May Harding-Wilson Wells


Eva May (Wilson) Wells - Civic Leader (Chicago)

Elizabeth Jane Harding

Jane Harding-Nelson (1880 - 1953)

Buried McBride Cemetery, McBride, Michigan (Daughter to Solomon)

Solomon Harding

Solomon Harding (1840 - 1902)

Buried at McBride Cemetery, McBride, Michigan (Brother to Ada Jane and Solomon Harding)


The Old Settlers Reunion Website was able to obtain a headstone for Harrison Harding through the Veteran's Administration in August 2008. Harrison was an uncle to Warren G. Harding - US President 29.

NOTE: Most of the historical records regarding Warren G. Harding have been removed and expunged from the archives because of his official office and have been given the term "Classified."

The Hardings were ancestors of Ada Jane Harding, Mayles Nelson, and Mary Harding (shown in the picture above), mother of Emma Todd, Lucinda Todd, and Mary Lett Harper, and also the Charles and Myrtle Kettora Lett families. Also, see NELSON WEB PAGE. Richard Harding was the first generation of Hardings who came to America. He settled in Braintree, Massachusetts. In 1623, Richard's daughter married a descendant of Francis Cook, who came over on the Mayflower. The second generation was Stephen I and Abraham I. The third generation was Richard II and Stephen II. The fourth generation was Abraham III. The sixth generation was Amos III. Amos III is listed as a West Indian. He was born in Otisville, NY. His father was John Harding and his mother was Rhoda King. Amos married Hulda Harding, and he founded the Village of Clifford.

The seventh generation was George Tryon Harding I (1791-1860). His father was Amos III. His first wife was Anna Roberts, and his second wife's name was Elizabeth. The eighth generation was Charles A. Harding born in 1820 in Morrow County, Ohio. His wife was Mary Ann Crawford. The ninth generation was Dr. George Tryon Harding II. He was born in 1843 and was Warren's father. Warren had seven (7) brothers and sisters: Charity (Chat), Mary Clarissa (named after her grandmother), Eleanor Persilla, Charles Alexsander, Abigail Victoria (Daisy), George Tyron "Deac" and Phoebe Caroline (Carolyn)--teacher in a Colored School in Washington, DC.

John Harding was married twice. Children by the first marriage were: Harrison (Hank) and Annie. His second marriage was to Mahala Lett, the daughter of Charles and Kettora Lett. Their children were: Solomon and Mary, also listed were Charles, Lucinda, and Hess Lett. Solomon was born in 1840 and spent his early life in Maryland. He later moved to Hocking County, Ohio. Sometime in the early 1870s, he moved to Montcalm County, Michigan. He married Elizabeth Jessie Smith in Stanton, Michigan. They had one daughter, Ada Jane. They resided in the area until their death and both are buried at the McBride's Cemetery, McBride, Michigan. (Old Settlers Reunion Association, 1988).





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